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We assist organizations in doing the right projects—those with strategic alignment that make the best use of your time, talent, and budget—and doing them right as we have sound Consultants and Trainers.

• IT Project Consultation

IT project consultants are a vital first step in a large IT project. Whether your organization is implementing something new as a necessary step to growth, or as a step towards increasing growth, it can be one of the largest initiatives your business will face and impacts many if not all members of a company. Gaining from the insights of an experienced IT project consultant not associated with any one particular vendor will prove incredibly valuable.

Even with great project management software and a great team and vendor, IT projects often take longer than planned and cost more than an organization budgeted for. When surveyed numerous IT executives and project managers about failings in IT projects, the number one mistake listed was not assigning the right person to manage the project. An experienced consultant can guide you through what to look out for and prepare for before making major, costly decisions or assist you through the entire project.

At Eezib Technology, we developed a system to aid our clients in these ventures. It is a process-led methodology that greatly accelerates the delivery Large IT and ERP Projects. It allows our consultants to turn a 3 – 4 – year project, into an18-month project with higher rates of user adoption and costs reduced by 30-40%.

Our consultants have a combination of quality, business process management, engineering, project management and information technology skills that are unusual and difficult to replicate, and assist organizations from concept to realization and continuous improvement. In addition, consultants have a wide range of experience in their chosen area of expertise, ensuring that our clients receive the correct level of support when they need it.

Contact us to discuss your organization’s goals and needs in choosing, implementing, accelerating or improving an IT Project either for a once-off advice session or to work with your organization throughout a project.

Other roles that may be important to consider for your project

IT Program

An IT program Advisor provides the Project Board/Executive Team with independent strategic advice throughout the life of the program, covering topics such as Business Case, Requirements, Governance, Resource Management, Project Planning, Selecting the new system and Implementation strategy, Risk Management, Communication and Change management and Benefits Realization.

IT ProgramManager

An IT Program Manager assists in delivering the technology component of the business change roadmap of an IT Project, working with pre-defined time, costs, and quality and risk management standards. They will work to optimize the project management resources and develop capability of an IT delivery team.

Enterprise Resource Planning Consultat Services

• ERP Project Consultation

You can think of an enterprise resource planning system as the glue that binds together the different computer systems for a large organization. Without an ERP application, each department would have its system optimized for its specific tasks. With ERP software, each department still has its system, but all of the systems can be accessed through one application with one interface.

ERP applications also allow the different departments to communicate and share information more easily with the rest of the company. It collects information about the activity and state of different divisions, making this information available to other parts, where it can be used productively.

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a process used by companies to manage and integrate the important parts of their businesses. Many ERP software applications are important to companies because they help them implement resource planning by integrating all of the processes needed to run their companies with a single system. An ERP software system can also integrate planning, purchasing inventory, sales, marketing, finance, human resources, and more.

ERP projects almost always involve overruns and unforeseen costs and in 2014, smaller ERP projects had more delays than larger projects. Suppliers of ERP systems offer consultancy and project planning but meeting with an independent consultant before you choose a system can help you select the right system, get clear on what your organization is facing, prepare for it and avoid unnecessary costs and delays. By considering your business process goals, you can also get a lot more out of the project and the new system.

Benefits of IT project Consultation

Benefits of working with IT consultants

• Relieve the Burden of Your IT Department.

• Complete Critical Projects.

• Learn From the Experts.

• Implement IT into Your Business Strategy.

• Revitalize Your IT System.

• Save Money on Your Investment.

The IT consultant's specialized knowledgeand the ability to tap into it as needed is one of the best benefits of working with a consultant

An IT consultant's independence is another advantage for organizations. Consultants are often hired to help troubleshoot problems in complex systems. Because a consultant performs in an advisory capacity, he or she has the freedom to identify problems and propose solutions that an in-house employee might be reluctant to advance.

IT Project Consultant

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It’s clear that an IT consultant can provide you with the resources and expertise you need to take your business to the next level.

We offer both one-off consulting and continued managed services. Whether you need support on a specific project, or you’re looking for a full-time team of technology experts, Eezib Technology has the consulting options you need.

Here at Eezib Technology, we take pride in providing enterprise-level IT services at prices that work for small businesses. Our team of experts can become your IT support department, responding to issues quickly, often before you even know about them. Covering everything from your servers and network infrastructure to your computers, workstations and mobile devices, we provide end-to-end solutions for all your technology needs.

Time and experience have helped us develop best practices and workflow procedures designed to keep your focus on your business, not your technology.

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