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What is UI-UX and Graphic design

When a customer or a potential customer looks at your brand and what it offers, you need to ensure that the image is consistent. The design for your brand needs to be carefully planned and thought out. This is essentially the message you are sending out to the world and need to ensure it is the one that you want to be portraying. This is why it is crucial that you work with a professional design team that is able to offer you an effective, relevant, and quality design that represents the brand of the company well.

Once you begin creating a design for your brand, you need to ensure it is consistent across all platforms. This will provide you with a cohesive voice and image that people will instantly reiterate when they hear or see what you have created.

Design is one of the most important factors when building a brand. If you don’t put time, effort even money into this, it may result in an unsuccessful business. The design is what will set you apart from your competition and help you garner the desired emotion or feeling from customers. And, in the end, design is what will make people believe that your company and your product actually work better than the competition.

Eezib is one of the leading and passionate content design service providers in the online market. Our creative designers offer outstanding and attention-grabbing visuals for Website Design, UI/UX design, digital banner ads, Social media design, and Print design.

Our graphic designs can develop a great impression on your prospect’s mind. With a complete mixture of professionalism and stunning creativity skills, our expert designers can establish a bright profile for your business in the online world.

Eezib Website Designing Services

Web Design Services

Your website is your virtual office, it is the first what people find on the World Wide Web to get in touch with you. A good functional website is an invaluable asset to any company but given the cut-throat competition, having a website that captures the attention of your target audience is indispensable. At Eezib, we understand your business needs and customize the design to suit your needs to help you stand out from the millions of other websites. We believe that web design is a broad term that includes much more than whether a website looks good or not. We not only strive to make a website look good but also functional and easy to use. We have laid out a simple process to design a website where each step involves continuous communication with the clients to make sure that your business goals are fulfilled.

UI/UX Design

UI-UX Designing

User interface (UI) design is the process designers use to build interfaces in software or computerized devices, focusing on looks or style. Designers aim to create interfaces that users find easy to use and pleasurable. When users use an application or website, they judge designs quickly and care about usability and likeability. They don’t care about the minor factors but they affect the performance of your brand. From colours to button shapes every minor thing matters a lot.

UX design focuses on the interaction between real human users and everyday products and services, such as websites, apps, and even coffee vending machines. UX design has grown to be synonymous with good business; only those products and services that provide a seamless user experience will succeed on the market.

“User experience.” encompass all of the different elements that determine how a user feels while interacting with a product, all aspects of a user’s experience with a product or service, including industrial design, graphics, the interface, and physical interaction.

With our user-centered graphic design solutions, you can win the hearts of many new & current audiences. We create awesome UI designs with the best UX design that boosts the engagement of your visitors.

Digital Banner Ads Design

Digital Banner Designing

A banner ad, or a web banner, is an advertisement displayed on a web page. The advertisement consists of an image (JPG, PNG, GIF) or of a multimedia object (created using tools). Thus, banner ads can be static or animated, depending on the technology used to make them.

Banner ads are image-based rather than text-based and are a popular form of website advertising. The purpose of banner advertising is to promote a brand and/or to get visitors from the host website to go to the advertiser’s website.

Banner ads are placed in high-traffic locations on web pages, creating brand awareness and generating click-through, purchases, and leads. These high-visibility locations include the front, bottom, or the side of a webpage; places where the eyes of browsers usually wander.

Our Graphic Designers are experts in creating interactive digital banner ads, from PNG images to GIFs we create the best designs that fit your business branding, they also bring quality traffic towards your website and application.

Social Media Design

Social Media Post Designing

These days, consumers are bombarded by Tweets, Facebook Posts, texts, and messages on their computers and mobile devices. When users only spend seconds viewing these messages, social media graphics that accompany them are vital in building brand awareness and recognition and attracting the user’s attention. Social media have enormous user engagement because they have huge active users.

Social media design is visual content used in digital marketing. Whether it’s your Facebook profile, Twitter background, LinkedIn banner, or graphics for timeline posts and blogs, social media design is an important element to incorporate. Our brains process visuals about 60,000 times faster than text. It turns out that an image is worth more than a thousand words that’s why the designs of the social media content are important for businesses.

Consumers respond best to a first impression that includes a visually appealing attention-grabbing graphic image. When graphics are used consistently across your different social media platforms it creates brand recognition. Also, many people are visual learners, so they are likely to remember your brand better when they see it visually, instead of hearing or reading about it.

Your graphic design and company logo play a big role in how your product or service is perceived. Using attractive graphics helps to strengthen your brand and build trust with the consumer. A well-designed graphic can also stir the user to share your posts on his or her own social media pages; which extends the reach of the post.

Logo Design

Logo designing

A well-designed logo builds trust by validating your professionalism and gets people to stick around. It tells potential clients who you are, what you do, and how that benefits them. It communicates to people with no prior knowledge or experience with your business that you do great work.

If your logo looks unprofessional, people will undoubtedly question how well you’re able to deliver your products and services. Have you ever hit the back button or chosen one company over another simply because they look more legit? People make snap judgments and poor design makes people leave.

Create a strong logo to stand out to consumers, ensure they remember your brand and cultivate positive associations with you. Logos have a deep symbolic association connected to people’s memories and emotions. Invest in your logo design. It’s what matters most for increasing your credibility and pulling consumers in.

We offer the best logo design services at an attractive quality and affordable price. Our logo design experts are highly creative and create a logo that best reflects your brand message.

Print Design

Print Media Designing

Your printed materials are a valuable part of your promotional strategy. For vivid, high-quality images, packaging, and marketing materials, you need the support of a professional printing services team. However, if you’ve never worked with printing pros before, it can be difficult to know what you need to look for in your local marketplace.

Printing is an essential component of all types of business promotions. In fact, printing is quite similar to the creation of language - which has been the hallmark of our civilization.

eezib is here to help companies across the globe to find the printing services that are best-suited to their needs. We are expert in designing the company brochure, flyers, quotations catalogues & visiting cards.

Our Design Process

Graphic Designers In Jaipur
  • Planning –You can't find a solution, until you can spell out what the problem is. We will collect all the possible information from you regarding your requirements, expectations, goals of your business, target market, content and how do you want your new design to be.
  • Analysis –Once the requirement is outlined, our designers will start the analysis process to find out all possible solutions to the requirement and design problem. We will come up with the most creative ideas which suit your business and stand out from your competition.
  • Design & Development –After we finalize ideas, we will create mock-ups of what the actual design will look like. Changes, if any can be done in the mock-ups which help us save a lot of time. Once the mock-up is finalized, the final coding process will start and it will be sent to the development team.

Great website design will make your visitors stay active on your site for a long time. Our graphic designers are experts in various designing tools and have remarkable experience in handling graphic design projects across various industries. Before working on designs, we collect information about your business requirements and objectives.

Graphic Design Benefits

Benefits of Our Graphic Design Services

Being a pioneer in graphic design, ColorWhistle creates magnificent designs that transform the standard of your online business across various platforms. Our designers do smart and creative work to convey your business ideas to the audience through impressive graphic designs. Moreover, we work with graphic design tools like Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop, Canva, Pixlr, Adobe XD, Figma and many more.

Our Graphic Design Commitment Includes –

1. Professional and unique graphic designs at affordable price

2. Streamlined communication

3. Regular follow-ups for design approval

4. Timely delivery of projects

If you're looking for creative ideas that drive high conversion rates, content that inspires action and design
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